Survivor’s Guide: Pre-Profession


When starting out with a new character in Survival Plus you have the option to go two routes. Brave the dangers alone, or find the nearest village. While both offer different advantages and disadvantages this lends to a lot more options for players versus what you may be accustomed to.

Rough and Toughen It: 

This is the defacto Ark play style that almost all are use to. This is the fear anything and everyone, cuddled up in a little thatch hut, flinching every time you hear a dino scream play style. Building a “base” as many call it to be able to defend yourself. Killing dino’s for food, manual labor all day to build up defenses, this is survival at it’s hardest. Many find that tribing up helps as you can share the workload, and band together. The advantages of this style of play is you have much more room in a sense to “live” in. This leads to a greater sense of freedom as you can build pretty much anything and anywhere. The disadvantages of this it makes it harder to move out of the Stone Age and into the Middle Ages.


Village Life:

The village life lifestyle is a new type of play style being brought to Ark versus the previous style. Many RP and PvE servers may even have prebuilt areas with rules that try and mimic this style, but I believe we take it to the next level.  This type of play revolves around spawning in and heading towards a trade center or kingdom center. There you should be able to find temporary lodging, more permanent housing via rentals and purchase. Temporary lodging can consist of bed and breakfast, and inn’s where you can rent beds. These types of places should have storage available for you to use, and a bed to use. There are many jobs that can be found in village areas for new players to be able to earn coins to help with purchasing food, and paying their room and board. On the rental purchase side you can find an available space and at that point put on your door so that you are the only one with access and be able to place a bed and other items inside (not to worry there is no enemy checks to stop you since it’s not “yours”).


Acquiring Coin:

So one thing that is very different with the mod is the use of a profession system. In order to fully utilize this a system for trade was need hence a need for coins. There are 2 types of coins in play. You have silver and gold. It takes 100 silver to make 1 gold. So every new survivor is going to need to acquire gold in order to eat, find shelter, or purchase tools that are outside their craftable level. This goes back to the village comments above, or even as a survivalist you can go into town and purchase higher quality weapons and tools from a skilled blacksmith. There is two main ways to go about acquiring coins. One is the use of finding our mods version of supply crates. These are not however your typical fall from the sky crates. What you need to be on the look out for is an abandon campsite. Here you will find a small camp with various supplies from an unfortunate survivor.

The second way is to earn it. By this early survivors can gather resources and sale them to higher level craftsman that no longer wish to grind for resources as it gives very little xp for them. You may even be able to set up a direct employment with some.


Food System:

On of the things you will notice early on is the food and nutrition system. Right off the bat you will see you character has a food level of 300. Eating berries, cooked meat, etc will yield you very little in the way of food gain. You will need to eat proper meals to maintain fullness and a balanced diet. A balanced diet even gives you a buff of xp as well. As an early survivor you will be able to cook a boiled egg. I a clay pot, salt, water, and an egg will get you a boiled egg. Best to find a town or a farmer to purchase fruits and vegetables from, or even entire cooked meals. Proper cooked meals from a cook should yield around 100-150 food points.