SurvivalPlus RP Cooking System


Greetings, Survivors!

Today we would like to introduce you to something we’ve been working on for the last few days: RP cooking done right!

Cooking in ark sometimes seems somewhat lacking diversity, so we created something to balance that!

How it works

The core concept of this cooking system is that there are various types of meals. For the testing phase we implemented four types:

  • Meat Stew
  • Gulasch Soup
  • Vegetable Stew
  • Vegetable Soup

A meal type is identified by a pattern of ingredients used. For example the meat stew consists of: 1 filled water container, 7 vegetables of any kind, 3 cooked meat of any kind, 3 salt. If these types of ingredients are added to the cooking inventory, a stew will be crafted, if other ingredients are used, another meal type will be the result.

Ingredients and their Effects

The speciality of this cooking system compared to other meals in ARK is that the actual ingredients used are stored as information in the resulting meal. The meal will be named depending on the ingredients used as you can see below:

The ingredients affect not only the name. The meal will give an amount of food and nutrients calculated from the ingredients used. In addition, the meal type adds a bonus to the nutrients in the ingredients, making their use more effective.


Something we did not yet add, but which is already possible with the system and just requires configuration is adding buffs depending on ingredients. The plan is to give each animal-specific meat (like the Ankylo meat used in the stew shown above) a buff. This buff can only be applied when used in a meal, and the duration and potency of the buff will depend on the amount of the ingredient used. This way a meal can have multiple buffs, or one very strong one, depending on what the cook intends.


Once this has been tested for some time we will add more meal types and start adding buffs, as well as more animal-specific meats. The beauty of this system is that we can extend it at any time to make use of the ingredient data stored. We can add buffs, effects, even special effects that only happen if a certain combination of meat or other ingredient types is used.

For Players

If you are playing SurvivalPlus check out our wiki entry for cooking: