SurvivalPlus New Year’s Beta Test


Greetings, Survivors!

After a long time of preparation we are now finally ready for a first round of beta testing!

How to connect

  1. Subscribe to the Beta Version here:
  2. Subscribe to our additional castle mod:
  3. Connect to our Official Test Server here:
    PVP (EU Host):  steam://connect/ (Name: Survival Plus Beta Weekend Server PVP)
    PVE (US Host): steam://connect/ (Name: Survival Plus Beta Weekend Server PVE)
  4. Optional: Join our discord to talk to all of us:
  5. Give us an upvote if you like the mod!

The Time and Place

The official testing period is from 30.12.2016 until 01.01.2017. We are for sometime on the 31st to try and fill up the server to maximize trade opportunities. We will announce this time frame soon.

SurvivalPlus Beta will be available as Core Mod in the Steam Workshop. We will host an official testing server that will also get any updates and bug-fixes that we can supply during the test weekend immediately.

In addition players can host their own servers to report their experience with the mod.

Contacting us

To provide feedback during the test period players have multiple options:

We will also drop by on the server regularly!

The Beta

Mod Type

While we intend to publish our mod as a Total Conversion in time, we will for now release it as Core Mod for faster update and loading times. This means it is intended to be the first in load order, and for now used alone, although we do have a mod that will offer compatibility with most other non core mods when we move to the total conversion.

Your Server

We recommend not to use the beta version on your main servers. All Alpha content will be wiped, and further beta versions can also cause structures and items of this beta weekend to vanish.


The amount of content we are preparing is quite massive, however for this beta test we will focus on the things that are either complete or complete to a level that they are ready to be integrated in the existing framework.

Levels 0 – 29: Primitive Era

From level 0 to 30 the player is limited to the technology of the stone and early metal ages.
We consider this part of the mod to be ready for beta testing. All items we currently have are available and can be crafted. We did not yet balance this, so especially crafting XP are prone to exploit-like high rates.

What we are looking for:

  • Bugs of all kinds
  • Balancing feedback: Crafting XP, gather rates, weapon damage, etc
  • Suggestions: Anything you would like to see added or changed.

Levels 30 and Up: Medieval Era

Starting with level 30 players can access the technology from the late metal ages all the way to the medieval times. At this point the profession system we already introduced in comes into play.

This part of the mod is currently under heavy development, we are getting new feature requests and suggestions every day. The profession system is only partially complete, as each profession depends very strongly on a few other professions. We will try to add as much of this into the test weekend as possible.

We will focus on the first tier of professions – Apprentice – however it will most likely not be entirely complete and items and components will be missing. At this moment primary testing will revolve around the Blacksmith, Carpenter, Farmer, Mason, and Villager.

What we are looking for:

  • Suggestions: Anything you would like to see added or changed.
  • Ideas to simulate realistic crafting processes
  • Any bugs you come across, although some might just be from missing dependencies.

What next?

Visit our site from time to time to wait for new announcements!
We will also post any announcements on twitter and discord.