Survival Plus Game Mechanics

The Survival Plus mod aims to bring a totally new experience to Ark play. So in doing this we have changed many, many things. This page will hopefully provide you with a shortcut to finding your anwers.


1. Learn the engram for clay
2. Craft a wooden bucket, find dirt or forest ground and use it (Use Item button or hotbar key)
3. Optional for Scorched Earth: Fill he bucket with sand on sandy ground
4. Craft Bucket Of Soil + Waterskin to clay, or craft Bucket of Sand + Starch Powder + Water to clay

To get fiber gather plant parts from plants, then craft them using the default engram in your inventory. You need a wooden club to break plant parts apart!

Getting rid of nutrient debuffs:
1. Vitamin: Eat Lots of berries or field crops
2. Protein: Cooked meat or field crops
3. Carbohydrates: Seeds, berries
4. Fats: Seeds, cooked meat
5. Minerals: Seeds, salt, less efficiently meat

1. Prepare a campfire with a clay pot inside
2. Add water, a poison ingredient (dilo poison bladder or similar), and bone meal.
3. Cook

Put a filled waterskin, fuel and a clay pot in the campfire. The claypot acts as a vessel to cook the water in. The water turns to steam, and leaves salt in the claypot.

Smelting ingots:
1. Add metal powder to primitive forge or forge
2. Add fuel (oil rock, oily gland, coal (not charcoal) )
3. Add ingot mold
4. Smelt!

Primitive storage consist of the Clay pot, and higher level storage containers may be purchased from the carpenter, and masons.
1. Learn the Campfire, Mortar and Pestle, Waterskin, Wooden Bucket, Clay, Clayshaper and Clay pot engrams.
2. Follow “Getting clay”
3. Craft a fresh clay pot
4. Put it in the campfire until burned
5. Done!