Revealing the Professions


Hello SurvivalPlus Subscribers,

In the last post we revealed our upcoming features, and today we want to focus on one very important part: the professions.

How can I learn a profession?
Professions basically split the engram list in various tech trees. Until level 30 all engrams are open for everyone, and basic items of all professions can be made. Level 1 to 29 will cover the most primitive types of items and crafting processes, processes we assume to be so simple that no special knowledge is required. Beginning with level 30 players can learn special engrams, that unlock the tech tree for a profession. Only one profession can be unlocked per player.

What engrams will professions unlock?
Each profession contains of 3 engrams: Apprentice, Journeyman and Master.
Each of these engrams unlocks a many engrams and custom features at once.
Many of the items of one profession will depend on components or tools from another profession, thus creating the need for trade.

What professions will be available?
We are currently working on a few profession which will represent the core of the new system, however over time and depending on feedback we will add in more professions. Professions will not necessarily be equal: Some will have significantly more engrams, while others might only have a few and are more suitable as secondary professions.

The professions currently in work are:

How will this affect singleplayer and low population servers?
We are a aware that this might cause problems for low population servers, singleplayer mode and even players who prefer to play alone.
To fix this we are also adding a trading system that allows reasonably secure offline trading between players (this still poses a risk on PvP servers!). For singleplayer we will implement a trading system that allows a similar experience.

We need your help!
Designing how each profession works and how they interact is a process that requires a lot of time and creativity. In addition, after implementing them, we will have to spend even more time to re-balance and adapt to community input. To speed up this process we would like you to participate in this process from the very beginning.

We already have technical problems out of the way – mostly that is ;). That means we can require players to use tools to craft items, allow them to use certain different tools for one task, like a hammer or a mallet, and even require them to use a certain tool and a certain crafting station.

Here comes your part: Over the next few days or weeks we will release our plans for each of the professions, and we would like you to share your ideas for each profession in comments to those posts. We cannot guarantee that your idea will make it into the game right away, or in exactly the way you planned, but we will consider it and if it fits our theme and can be done with reasonable effort we will add it!

Here’s what we are looking for:

  • Feedback on our existing ideas
  • Suggestions for new tools, crafting stations, structures and products
  • Suggestions for new professions, or on what kind of role each profession should play
  • Anything at all that you can come up with!

You can find updates regarding the professions here:
If you want to give feedback for professions please visit the forum:

Please note that the already published professions do not yet contain all our ideas. In fact we already have many crafting structures, buildings, tools, components and products ready or at least a concept prepared, but they are not yet assigned to a profession. We will update the posts in the next days and weeks and incorporate any changes made based on your feedback right away!