Open Beta Announced


Greetings, Survivors!

Our beta weekend is coming to an end, and at this point we want to thank all participants for their support, encouragement and patience in uncovering bugs and helping to fix them.

During the past 3 days we gathered over 1000 subscribers, nearly 100 positive ratings and managed to fix over 50 bugs that we did not even knew existed!
Due to the success of this weekend and many requests to keep our mod open we decided to open SurvivalPlus for an ongoing beta test.

We will also keep our servers running, thanks to a very generous offer from – it is not easy to make a mod and at the same time host multiple servers, we couldn’t do it without their help.

Changes in the open beta

The most important change will be that we will release our mod in two versions: Stable and Experimental.
Both branches will be in a beta phase, that means constant updates, and possibly changes that require the players to reset their engrams or even rebuild structures.

The difference between the two branches is that Experimental will get new features first and only after they have been tested they will be pushed to Stable.
Bugfixes will be published to both Experimental and Stable.

For the first few days or even weeks our existing servers will remain and contain an experimental branch. Upon reaching a stable content it will be converted into the Stable branch and a new Experimental one released.

We will link to the new releases both in this post and on our existing workshop item.

Current State

Our current state is that the primitive part of the mod – the levels 0-29 – are in a stable condition. There will still be some changes to the levels of engrams as well as general balancing and even a few features will be added, but the most obvious bugs have been found and removed.

Professions have been introduced but are still under heavy work so only very small parts will make it into the Stable branch.
Over the course of the next week that will of course change.


Our current test weekend servers – PVP and PVE – will be converted into one Stable and one Experimental Server, both PVE (unless voted otherwise by the community)
In the near future we will add further servers with more slots if the player counts require it.