Besides the existing vanilla taming methods SurvivalPlus introduces it’s own taming method, consisting of multiple phases. The type of phases as well as order and duration of each phase depend on the creature and level. Below we give a short overview over the phases you can expect while taming and how to successfully complete them.

Info Widget

While taming you can access information about your tamed creature with our custom info widget. This widget shows when holding down “H” while near the creature.¬†Additionally hunters can access similar information by looking at the creature with a spyglass.

Most aggressive creatures have a reduced aggro towards the taming tribe or player, however additional precautions like a ghillie suit or wool armor are recommended. You can use the info widget to gauge when the creature will attack, once the aggression info text changes to yellow you are close to aggression range.

General Information

It is not possible to “spam” affinity gain actions. For every phase there is a minimum amount of time between to actions, in order for the second action to have any effect. For most creatures this is between 15-30 seconds. The taming affinity information on the info widget can be used to determine this time.

Bait Phase

The purpose of the bait phase is to attract the animals attention. During this phase the animal’s taming affinity increases whenever it eats bait. Depending on the creature different types of bait have different effects, but most carnivores accept all meat based bait and most herbivores accept all plant based bait.

Bait works like honey in the base game, it can be thrown by putting it on the hot-bar and then pressing the assigned hotkey and once it leaves your inventory nearby animals will come to investigate.

Most types of bait are crafted by hunters, however basic bait is available as a primitive engram.

Smelling Phase

Similar to bait phase, the smelling phase is about throwing items. The key difference is that during this phase the creature should get acquainted with your scent, so the items thrown are so-called “Smelling Rugs”, simple pieces of fabric that carry your smell.

The advanced types of rugs require a tailor and hunter, but a basic version can be crafted during primitive tier.

Lurking Phase

During the lurking phase the animal can get used to your presence. Stay near the creature, but do not get too close to avoid startling it. Every few seconds the taming affinity will increase. The info widget will show a warning if you get out of range.

Following Phase

This phase allows the tamed creature to satisfy it’s interest in the tamer. Similar to the lurking phase the player should stay near the creature without startling it, however during this phase the animal will stay near the player on it’s own accord. The easiest way to stay in the correct range is to keep moving about slowly and let the animal keep the desired distance.

Assistance Phase

The assistance phase aims to build trust between the player and tamed animal. To establish such a connection the player has to attack and kill animals the creature targets. The currently targeted creature is marked with a particle effect.

Corpse Feeding Phase

Similar to some of the vanilla taming methods, during this phase the goal is to gain the animal’s friendship by feeding it corpses. There are three ways to successfully feed a corpse:

  • Drag the corpse, walk up to the animal and choose “Feed Corpse”.
  • Drag the corpse, walk up to the animal and let it attack-harvest the dead body.
  • Kill a tamed animal and let the creature attack-harvest it.

Killing a wild animal and feeding it without dragging it will not lead to an increase in affinity. Please note that every creature has a specific list of corpses it accepts. The amount of affinity depends on the preferred corpse and in the case of fish additionally on the size.

Hand Feeding Phase

Similar to vanilla passive taming, during this phase the player has to hand-feed the animal treats. In most cases the aggro range will be very low, or aggro will be turned off for taming tribes and player, however precautions like a ghillie suit or wool armor are recommended.

Caring Phase

In many cases this is the last phase before a creature becomes fully tame. After establishing trust a player can earn a creatures friendship and loyalty by caring for it for a while, after which it becomes fully tame.