Leveling Experience System


This article aims to lay the ground work for our leveling experience system. We will be relying only partially on Ark’s built in engram tree. For the first 30 levels, this number may change in the future to something lower, everything will seem very similar. At this level however engram points will cease to be of importance, xp will take over as the main method of advancing your character. I will give two examples to try, and show you how it will work.

The first is the very important blacksmith. Once you have decided to become a blacksmith you will unlock the blacksmith apprentice engram. Doing this will give you access to the blacksmith table, an anvil, and an array of tools, components and products. After choosing this option no other profession engrams will be available. Through the experience of the blacksmith’s trade you will gain xp, and continue leveling your character. Once you reach level 45 (again subject to change) you will then be able to unlock the journeyman tier. This will give you access to a whole other tier items to make as you are more experienced now. This will continue as you work your way up until finally with level 75 you reach the master level, each tier coming with new items to craft, and even some more efficient blueprints.

A long days work not your thing? What about those that want to do a little bit of everything? Well, in this case you will unlock the villager tier. The idea here is that instead of getting access to a bunch of new items to craft you will be given the opportunity to make your own path. The general idea at the moment is to give say 100 coins to this person. This gives them the opportunity to start a business like for example the tavern owner. This starting coin gives the tavern owner the opportunity to buy a tavern, and then be able to buy a bar counter, tables, chairs, beer barrels, and everything else. Now this will not give them a super fancy setup, and how much they will be able to buy will be purely based on the cost at the particular market where they look to buy is. If you are a good negotiator then maybe you can work out deals with the professions and act as a tradesman, or a traveling sales person. You will also be able to buy items from the professionals that you would not be able to make yourself.

Also keep in mind that every player will have the access to the basic starting items. You want to live off the grid as they say then that is fine. There should be room in this system for every type of player. Who knows the village might even want a banker.

Head over to the forums for more discussion here. Remember this is a work in progress, and this is our starting ideas. We look forward to hearing from you to make this even better.