Installing the mod on the client is very easy – simply subscribe to the mod and restart ARK. Make sure to wait until the “Installing … ” text at the bottom left in the main menu no longer shows.


How to install the mod on a server depends on your hosting provider. Most hosting providers use a mod installer based on steamcmd, a utility provided by valve to install steam apps and workshop items, including ARK servers and mods. No matter what install utility you are using, make sure of the following to ensure a smooth experience:

  • The Mod ID is 829467257
  • After installing the mod check if all files have been downloaded. Many installers, including steamcmd, often do not complete downloads of  large mods. Check your mods folder if the “829467257.mod” file and “829467257” folder are present. To be absolutely sure, compare the contents of the “829467257” folder to your local copy of the mod.
  • If you are experiencing issues like missing files, missing engrams, harvesting vanilla items or similar that likely means that despite your checks something is still missing. In this case please upload your local mod files via FTP or any other method and use them on the server.
  • If bushes drop only vanilla items please make sure that you are not using the option “?UseOptimizedHarvestingHealth=true” in a config file or command line. This option seems not to support modded harvesting nodes.