In-Depth Look At Farming


Farming will take on a whole other level of usefulness in Survival Plus. No, longer will you be able to survive on fruits, and berries alone. While these may keep you alive you will however be malnourished, and not at your best performance.

The farmer will have at his disposal several new crops, crops designed to full different nutritional values, and will be a key part of keeping his village alive.

  • Berries
  • Carrots
  • Corn
  • Cotton
  • Grapes (for wine)
  • Hops (for beer)
  • Melons
  • Potatos
  • Tomatos
  • Coffee
  • Tea

Every villager will have access to the small crop plot. As it is only natural for anyone to be able to put seeds in the ground, but the farmer will have access to all the crops. Which ones are still a work in progress, but we do know crops like the grapes, hops, and cotton will not be available to anyone else. These are needed for professions, and it is necessary to create a proper economy of interaction. As the tavern owner will need to buy hops, and grapes from the market in order to make wine and beer. Likewise the tailor will need to purchase his cotton from a farmer.

The farmer will also have new tools to work with. The biggest change that you will see here is the plow. The plow will be needed to make the medium and large crop plots usable. As crops grow they will decrease soil’s nutrients. After a successful harvest the farmer will then need to plow the field in order to make the area useful again. There will also be a new fertilizer silo that will convert poop and plant parts into fertilizer. The idea is to have the silo automatically distribute the fertilizer to nearby crop plots as needed. The farmer as he gains experience and levels up he will learn new more powerful mixtures for various fertilizers.

New medium crop plots. Each area within the different fenced areas is an entire crop plot. Medium holds 142 stalls of corn.

With the addition of the new trade system the farmer will be able to take his good to market for sale. The farmer will be able to chose whatever price he chooses for the goods. Keep in mind if you price to high other farmers, or even traveling tradesman may be able to under cut you.

Other roles the farmer can directly be related to is the conversion of plant parts to thatch. The farmer will have access to the large bails of thatch. Here he can place plant parts in to dry them out for conversion of thatch. Thatch will used in building objects, fertilizer, and even to feed the farm animals (herbivores).

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