A New Take On Housing


Housing in Survival Plus will feel much different than what you are accustomed to in Ark. This is no longer build a base for yourself with walls protecting your own base. This is about building a community and or village. There are two major changes to how we are doing this, one mainly to fit it into the profession role. The first part is pretty evident in the fact that you will go to a craftsman, and purchase a house. You will need to visit either the carpenter, or mason to purchase a home.

The craftsman will have many different plans for you to choose from. You will then pay the requested amount, a the craftsman when then follow you to the place you would like to build and place placeholder down to act as the construction site while the craftsman gahter the needed materials. They will then begin depositing the required crafting materials and components in the construction site. Some of these materials will be freely available while others need to be crafted by specialists.

Depending on the type of house (wooden house, stone house, and so on) the appropriate craftsman will then need to come to your house and actually construct it.  We do suggest communicating with these individuals to ensure a time frame for them to be able to complete the job, as well as in inform them of the location.

The craftsman will also have diy (do it yourself) blueprint plans that you can construct yourself like a log cabin etc. Wood cabins from the carpenter, and primitive clay housing from the mason that will allow early housing in the deserts. You will make these purchases in coins at the amount chosen by the craftsman. You might be able to barter a lower price if you help fund some of the raw materials.

Early survivors will also be able to rent rooms, or even rent an apartment from others in larger villages for a price. This allows them to skip the need for low weak primitive housing, and allows them to focus there time more precisely.