Version b. Open Beta

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    • Fixed iron armor crafting reqs
    • Updated Red/Green Awning Cotton reqs
    • Updated cloth sack and pouch crafting reqs
    • Updated canopies crafting cost
    • Updated banner crafting cost
    • Added more dyes
    • Stopped crop plots from snapping to pavers
    • Crops plots no longer can be placed on structure floors (will need to use farm wall borders)
    • Removed farm fence foundations snapping to pavers
    • Added lance
    • Fixed Archer Tower Archer’s Cost
    • Added new highlighted text designating what materials can be used for “Building Materials.”
    • Outdoor lighting set non accessible by other players
    • Added large tent from SE
    • Fixed crop plot not allowing to plant seeds
    • Fixed default entry for MU overlaying the open door entry
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