Version b. Open Beta

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    • Renamed berry mix to berry treat
    • Reduced crafting cost of berry treat to 9 berries of any (edible) type
    • Increased taming effectiveness of berry treat by 25%
    • Reduced required berries for primitive meal to 5
    • Reduced required berries in the veggie stew to 5
    • Increased the value of higher level fertilizers compared to lower level ones
    • Set bow down to level 16 to be available when arrows are available
    • Disabled sheep riding
    • Reduced crate cover crafting cost
    • Plant parts now spoil very slowly in crop plots
    • Updated farm harvest code
    • Wood signs can now be picked up
    • Removed pin on cloth sacks.
    • Added reminder to distiller that it needs to be fueled in order to work.
    • Fixed awning crafting cost
    • Added several dyes
    • Fixed Brick Wall Option on Landscape Paver
    • Fixed tribe ownership on Boats
    • Allow only blacksmiths to add key blanks, keys and locks to blacksmith table to reduce exploitation of ark bug
    • Fixed arthropluera attack issues
    • Fixed respec potion 260+ issues
    • Removed keyring drag onto note functionality until underlying ARK bug is fixed (Reference:
    • T2 Poison arrows can now only be crafted using t2 poison
    • T1 Poison arrows can now only be crafted using t1 poison
    • Added multi use stopper code to doors until the ignored timer bug in ARK is fixed
    • Internal improvements to crop plot harvest code
    • Only blacksmiths can add locks and blank keys to blacksmith tables (to craft actual keys)
    • Updated quicklime kiln description
    • Updated iron forge description
    • Fixed charcoal crafting amounts and adjusted weight
    • Keys and locks show their identifier combination again
    • Minor modifications to trade code to possibly fix key overwriting. Further tests possible with key identifiers
    • Wild dinos now cannot build nests if more than 7 structures are in a 100m radius
    • Minor adjustments to scissors
    • Updated jail house crafting reqs
    • Added foot path pavers
    • Fixed stone fence not updating mesh
    • Updated armor crafting
    • Added a couple new dyes
    • Added iron fur armor to the tailors table
    • Updated poison descriptions
    • Reduced arrow crafting durability cost on stone knives to 0.06 (From 1.0) and on metal knives to 0.03 (From 0.1)
    • Reduced arrow shaft crafting durability cost on carpenters kits to 0.03 (from 1.0)
    • Fixed a calculation error in trade stall when exactly 100s was exchanged for 1g
    • Updated yutyrannus for survival plus compatibility
    • Increased yutyrannus damage and HP to mirror the T. rex buff
    • Updated megalania for survival plus compatibility
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