Exhaustion, Coffee and Rent-able Beds


In our opinion beds in ARK don’t really fulfill the purpose that beds usually do – providing a place to sleep. To fix this, we are planning to introduce exhaustion as additional stat value.

How will exhaustion work?

  • Exhaustion increases while the player is active
  • At 100% exhaustion the player falls asleep for a short while, which will reduce exhaustion by a bit (~20%)
  • Exhaustion can be reduced and kept at bay by consuming coffee and tea (not yet ready, but we will add it 😉 )
  • Sleeping in a bed will reduce exhaustion to 0% and, depending on the type of bed, will give a well rested buff.

Rent-able beds?

As you may remember we talked about the villager profession in the last post. One of the businesses a villager can start is the inn. Aside from selling alcohol the innkeeper can also rent comfortable beds to tired adventurers. Innkeepers can configure how much a using their beds cost, and players passing by can use the beds. Then the inn keeper can go through and collect the coins that were deposited.

Visit our forums here to discuss this system! We are looking forward to your input!