Configuration Options

This mod is targeted at mid and large size servers and this reflects in the default configurations. Single players and small servers should take a look at our configuration options to optimize their experience. We recommend to use only mods we provide integration for to avoid issues with missing resources.

All mod configuration options are under the header:


Unless specified otherwise they belong in the file GameUserSettings.ini

Recommended Rates

The mod modifies the experience and harvest rates and has completely customized recipes so we suggest to try x1 rates for harvesting and experience as they are higher than vanilla rates. Breeding and egg hatching currently use vanilla values, increasing the rates can be helpful for smaller communities. In the future we will also modify these timers for a more convenient gameplay.

Supply Camps

Supply camps are the main source of new gold on a server. This can lead to players trying to block access for others, or to build camps near known spots to loot them again and again.

To prevent this supply camps will auto-destroy if there are any structures within 100m of their spawn location.
You can change this range using the setting:


The units are in cm.

Server Size

One of the basic configuration options is the “ServerSize” setting. This setting sets various default values to optimize the experience for all players. This includes the value of coins for in-game systems and the amount of professions available. The latter can be specified exactly with another setting (see below).

These are the available options:


We recommend the following settings based on the average player count:

Large: 25+ (Enables 1 Profession per Player)
Medium: 10-24 (Enables 2 Profession per Player)
Small: 2-9 (Enables 3 Profession per Player)
Singleplayer: 1 (Enables all Professions)


While the server size sets a default value for the professions per player these two methods allow for a more precise configuration. Please read the instructions carefully!

Method 1: Quick and Simple

This method uses the “GameUserSettings.ini” file, to use it simply add the section below and adjust the numbers:


“MaxProfessions” sets the maximum apprentice professions a player can learn – the default is determined by the ServerSize setting. If you set this to a higher number players can unlock more professions.

“MaxCarpenterProfessions” refers to the carpenter sub-professions Shipwright and Cabinetmaker. By default the player can only learn one of the two, using this setting both can be enabled.

“MaxBuilderProfessions” refers to the mason and carpenter engrams that allow free-building or building of prebuilt structures. By default the player can only learn one of the two, using this setting both can be enabled.

Method 2: In-depth configuration

Note: In order to allow all carpenter sub professions you need to use the “MaxCarpenterProfessions” and “MaxBuilderProfessions” settings from Method 1 (careful, this belongs in another configuration file!). Make sure not to use the “MaxProfessions” from Method 1 though, it will overwrite the settings of Method 2!

This method uses another configuration file, “Game.ini“. Using the settings below you can fine-tune how many professions a player can learn on each level. This allows you to e.g. unlock a second profession at level 45. This cannot be used to enable professions before level 30.

Add the section below and modify to your preferences:


You can add as many “MaxProfessionsOverride” entries as you like – but only one per level will be used. In the example above the player will have 1 profession available at level 30 (that is the default), then unlock 2 more (a total of 3) at level 35 and another 2 (total of 5) at level 40.

Dynamic Resource Spawns

This mod uses a system of dynamically spawning resources to complement ARK’s map-defined resource spawns. These resources are tied to dinosaur spawns and additionally use spawn interval and spawn chance settings.

The calculation is this: After “spawn delay” the system rolls the dice and with a chance of “spawn chance” spawns the resource.

The configuration entries should be placed in the file “GameUserSettings.ini”

Configuration Entries



Wild Nest Spawns

Some creatures spawn wild nests in which you can find eggs to hatch. We generally recommend to use the default settings, but if you have a very large or very small server it may require re-balancing to avoid over or underspawns.

The calculation is this: After the configurable delay in seconds the system rolls the dice and with the configurable chance (0.0 = 0%, 1.0 = 100% ) spawns the nest.

The configuration entries should be placed in the file “GameUserSettings.ini”

Configuration Entries


DINOCLASS needs to be replaced with the dino file name + “_C(this part is important, look at the example below), as it is used in the dino replacement configs in vanilla ARK. The file names can be found in the “/Dinos” folder within the SurvivalPlus installation directory.



Misc Configuration Options

Automatic Wild Dino Global Maximum Spawns


This function enforces server-wide spawn maximums for creatures that tend to overspawn on most maps, like Mosasaurus, Tusoteuthis and others. By default it runs every 10 minutes (600 Seconds), it can be disabled by setting it to 0. Any other value will smaller or higher intervals of spawn checks.