Bughunt: No-collision Issue


Hello Survivors,

We are currently hosting our first “Bug Hunt”. As you may know many servers have recently been plagued by collision randomly stopping to work, and players and Dinos being able to move through walls. We’ve tried to find the cause ourselves, but there are too many possible causes, so we decided to call for help!

The Possible Causes

According to Studio Wildcard this bug is caused by faulty collision volume. This means that any object that players or Dinos can collide with (as opposed to walk through) could possibly be at fault.
For the purposes of finding the bug this means that structures and vehicles of all kinds will have to be tested.

The Bug Hunt

Required information:

  • Official Test Server:
  • Spawn code list:  https://survival-plus.co/cheats
  • Admin access: enablecheats 1234
  • Invisible to dinos: cheat leavemealone
  • Add experience: cheat addexperience 5000 0 1 0
  • Learn all engrams: cheat giveengrams

Rules and Guidelines:

  • Please only use the admin rights to spawn structures and items for testing purposes. The server will be wiped after this, but please do not hinder the bug finding effort.
  • You can spawn any item, structure and vehicle, but please always make sure to know what you last used. Try and always be aware of what you last placed, interacted with or even just collided with / entered.
  • If the no collision bug appears, even if it is a few seconds after the last thing you did:
    • Notify an admin about it in the game chat or discord
    • Try to do it again to verify! Make sure to approach the structure or vehicle from the same side and basically do the same thing again, every detail counts!
  • A good approach is to “simulate” starting a new village, from the primitive structures up into the profession tier, but ultimately it is up to you what you want to test!

Time & Date:

The event is running from now on until further notice. You can connect to the test server at any time and spawn items and structures for testing purposes.


Every participant10 gold coins and 200 silver coins
The person or persons finding information leading to the resolution of the issue: 50 gold coins, 1000 silver coins

Thank you to everyone who will help us out!