Beta 2.0 – Upgrades and Changes


Hello Survivors,

In this article, we will give you a quick outline of the main 2.0 changes and what our plans behind that are.


Profession Tier Changes

  • Increased required XP per level after level 30 by factor 10
  • Increased XP on profession based crafting after level 30 by factor 10

We were experiencing a little bit of trouble with people leveling up very fast, so we are now trying to make crafting within the profession a bit more rewarding. This is only our first step, we will gather your feedback in the first few days and then adapt accordingly. In the future, the hunter profession will get a similar bonus on their crafting and hunting XP gain.

Balancing and Feedback: We’re looking forward to your feedback on this step – we understand it is somewhat controversial, so we will need your input on how it feels and what we can change based on your experience.


Housing Changes

  • Removed primitive thatch housing
  • Added primitive bronze age housing
  • Moved late game housing.

This one is probably pretty obvious – while the thatch/bamboo housing looks really good, it does not really fit the primitive times our first 30 levels should represent. The old models will make a comeback as tree and cliff housing – we’ll share some screenshots about that in the future. We have added in an entire new housing set to fill in the void between very primitive and very comfortable well built houses. These are available to the carpenter at level 30 and the mason at level 45. Wood structures are limited to single story however, with a stone base from the mason you can add in a wood second level. As with the primitive tier thatch roofing isn’t without issue, and will need to be repaired. The end game housing has been moved to level 60.

Balancing and Feedback: Here the main interest is crafting cost and durability.


Farmer Changes

  • Removed medium crop plot
  • Updated small crop plot with new functionality
  • Updated how acquiring seeds works

The existing crop plot system using the seed bags seemed somewhat cumbersome so we are going with a somewhat more open, and realistic system. Basically, the seeds found in the wild are – surprise – “wild” versions. That means they represent plants that have not yet been domesticated and thus yield less seed, fruit and plant parts. Everyone can plant these and grow them, but the farmer will get an extra option – on grown plants they can search for seeds which, with a certain chance – yields a seed that is a bit closer to domestication. This can be repeated until a fully domesticated version of the plant has been reached, at which point the yield has been maximized. Balancing and Feedback: This is going to be a big one – everything is of interest: Field decay rate, XP for plowing, Crop yield


Alchemist Apprentice

The alchemist apprentice comes with buff foods, poison, poison weapons and glass crafting.

Balancing and Feedback: Don’t eat us :/ This will likely need a lot of balancing and bug fixes


Wooden Palisades moved to Carpenter

The main idea here is to give a sense of progression – so these will be available at level 30. We will be keeping an eye how this plays out and then interact with new tiers in between or other options. There is low level fencing still that everyone can build. These small fences can keep out small dinosaurs but do not provide much protection against very large dinosaurs. You still have access to tier 1 of the spike walls as well.