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What is Survival Plus all about?

Survival Plus aims to bring an entirely new game experience to Ark Survival Evolved. There are changed on every level, and are instantly noticeable when you first spawn in and hit a tree, or harvest from a bush. In this article I will try and cover what this mods finally goal is, and what our entire vision of the mod is. This mod is being developed with a community in mind, not for single players. Once have we the core mod complete we will circle back around, and work on making it single player compatible. This doesn’t mean however you must be in a village or town, it just means you may have to travel to a market every now and then to trade.


First off, this is not another Primitive Plus mod, this is not another dino rebalance mod, and this is not a primitive mod. This builds upon all most all of these ideas. Our tech tree climbs all the way into the middle ages with great castles, and siege weapons. There are a great many dino AI changes as well. While role players servers have rules regarding having a class, and playing your class we have actually made this one of the center folds of this mod. If you’re strong enough to survive the primitive ages at level 30 you will be able to learn a profession. There are many professions for you to choose from, and even a do it all villager class. Fee free to check out the link for more info on each of the classes.


One of our core concepts is to create a more immersive experience when playing ark. The surroundings are more dangerous, crafting processes become more realistic and generally more items are available. We overhauled every part from crafting your first weapon over building your first house to finding and taming a dino.

The resulting, more dangerous, world is what will force players to plan strategically and more importantly, trade and work together.


Each profession is being designed to fill needs within a real working environment, and it is necessary for each profession to work with others for materials, and tools. We have created a two coin system within the game. Simply gold, and silver. Along with bartering at early levels, you will use coins to purchase items from the trade carts in the market. The trade carts are however unique. Only the items a craftsman has placed in his trade cart/sales counter will be available to purchase, and the craftsman will be able to set the price. For example I will use the carpenter as an example. Say you would like to buy a storage cabinet. You will go find the carpenter, and in his cart/desk he has available 5 out of the possible 9 storage cabinets. You have the option to buy any of the 5 that are available. You simple place your coins in the cart and it will allow you to remove the purchased item. If the item you want to purchase is not available you will need to ask the carpenter for it either via in person chat, or by leaving him a note.

Medieval street with plaster houses


Quick Note: Since the mod is community minded think less base more of a house.

Pre-profession: As a new struggling survivor you have access to basic plants and wood. You may unlock a primitive housing engram that gives you 5 different houses of various sizes to chose from that you may use thatch, wood, and plant strings to build. These provide basic cover, and shelter but are very vulnerable to attack. If you make your way into a town center, or village you may be able to find a carpenter who will sale you DIY (do it yourself) plans to build a small wood cabin, or a mason may sale you plans for a small adobe home if you are living in hotter climates.  You may also go into the villages and you may be able to find a room to rent in one of the many apartments, or cut a deal with an inn keeper to rent out one of their rooms.

Middle Ages: Once in the middle ages craftsman professions come in to play. Here the carpenter with the help of the mason can build you many different styles of buildings. The current goal is to have 30 buildings designed in various sizes specifically for housing. You also have the same ability to simply rent an apartment, or a room from someone. Check out the article on housing for more information.


Is this mod designed for PvP or PvE?

Ideally the goal for the mod is for all of them to be PvP. Since this mod is made with community in mind this mod is not designed as player vs player. It is designed for actual kingdom vs kingdom warfare. I know this is completely different than the thought that a lot of players in Ark play with of just kill everyone. Our goal is to have a built in kingdom tax system. Where the King/Queen of the kingdom will receive a percentage of all transactions within their borders. They will be able to place markers through the lands marking their territory. This is what the fighting should be over, as with keeping with the times, was border disputes, or even overthrowing an entire kingdom to receive their taxes. This also will heavily rely on the alliance system. Players should consider tribes to their household, and they pledge an allegiance to kingdom or the ruling alliance.

We also have thoughts regarding having a special map made for this mod. In this map we could natively set tax boundaries to separate continents.

Medieval battle with castle and siege weapons

A little more on warfare:

Unlike the primary offline raid system that is in place now we are hoping to see actual siege on a kingdom. Meaning something that will take time. We plan on using war tents along with siege equipment. The idea behind the war tents is that each tent is created for 5 knights in mind. So that way the tent can be re-spawned from 5 times, and comes with 5 sets of armor. So outside of a castle you will set up say 20 tents along with your war machines. At that point you will be able to man the machines, and you are in a sense attacking with 100 men. Once those 100 men have died if you run out of re-spawn tents, and essentially have lost the battle. We have trebuchets, battering rams, siege towers, catapults, and ballistas that will be available for attacking. On the defensive side we have spike fields, oil traps, moats, draw bridges, and archer towers that will fire back as well as the catapults, and other weapons.


Why aren’t all dinos tamable?

Part of the mod’s goal is to make the dinosaurs more realistic. This goes all the way from their behaviour to their taming ability. For instance a trike values their personal space. Get to close and you may be attacked, to many of the dino’s laying nest with eggs. Many dinos are not tamable, as they would simply not be tamable in a real environment. This helps keep the survival in the game. Any time you see a predator dino you should be scared.  Once you hit level 30 or so in the actual game you can walk around the island’s without any fear as your tamed dino’s can annihilate pretty much any wild dino.

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