We are currently finalizing a feature that has been “cooking” for a while: Tamed Affinity. This new concept introduces affinity states for tamed animals, allowing players to focus on quality over quantity of tames.

Simply put, keeping your tamed animals happy will provide them with a significant buff (30% and more for the major stats), while neglecting them can lead to debuffs and eventually even to them becoming untamed.

The goal of this new system is to allow players to achieve the same results with fewer animals, which in turn allows us to “soft cap” the amount of animals a player can tame and in return buff the base stats of tamed creatures.

Feature Overview:

  • Players can increase affinity by petting animals, giving them treats or simply spending time with them (hunting, riding).
  • Affinity decreases over time, it decreases faster if animals are hungry. Affinity only decreases while at least one player of the owning tribe is online. Other players do not affect this.
  • Farmers and Hunters get bonus affinity for each action with certain animals.
  • High affinity leads to buffs and in some cases the ability to ride animals (Stag, Raptor).
  • Low affinity leads to debuffs.
  • Very low affinity will eventually lead to animals becoming untamed (disabled for the first few patches).
  • Carnivores require more attention than herbivores.
  • Various carnivores got buffs of their base health and damage as well as main stats per level.