One of the key factors in making the KvK game mode work will be the implementation of the Karma System. We will use this system to allow profession players to go about there day to day game lives as the please with little worry to their personal belongings. It will allow players that wish to open PvP and sort of say break the laws of the land to do so as well.

Structure Types:

Certain structures will be marked PvP and the rest will remain PvE. What that means is the PvP structures you will be able to attack or open at any time with no consequences to your karma rating. Player housing will always be set to PvE ratings and is protected by their karma rating.

How do I lose karma?

Opening a PvE structure that is not owned by you like someone else’s crate will result in a loss of karma for snooping around in some one else’s stuff. Taking goods from it will result in even more loss. Attacking it will not do anything given that that player has 100% karma rating.

Can I lose karma if I don’t break any rules?

The short answer is yes. In order to maintain good standing with the gods you will need to make periodic sacrifices of either animals or coin. This not only fits the ideology of the time, but adds a layer that requires PvE players to help in protecting themselves. This will not be something that is tedious or requires a lot of grinding, but should fit in easily if you are participating correctly in the economy.

How do I restore karma?

In the even that you break one of the laws of the land and wish to get back in the good graces then you can simply sacrifice the appropriate level of goods to restore yourself. There will most likely be a time period here over which you will gain it back to help prevent abuse.

Can my tribe maes make sacrifices on my behalf or on behalf of my tribe?

No, see the Kingdom government outline for more details.

What if someone is following me, and jumps in between me attacking a dino and I hit him?
This is a two part answer depending on your karma level.

1. Let’s say you have 100% karma. The other player has 100% karma as well: Nothing happens and you can continue attacking the dino without fear. If the other player has less than 100% karma: Then they are open for attack by anyone at which point you can freely attack without fear of hurting your karma.

2. You yourself have less than 100% karma: If you find yourself below 100% then you are open to attack, and they can freely attack you, and you can attack back.