So many of you have seen me mention the upcoming Kingdom vs Kingdom (KvK) game mode. What KvK aims to do is all the traditional PvE and PvP minded players to play side by side.  Through a series of new systems we believe we have created a viable alternative for servers that want to run both without the need to impose rules doing so, and to what we feel will give more meaning to fighting. While we do believe that PvP brings a lot to the table in terms of game play, and play time ability there are many drawbacks with full open PvP that are more based in purely griefing others, and do not add any real value to play.

I don’t want to fight and I don’t want to worry about my stuff. How is that going to work for me?

We have come up with what we will call a karma system. As long as your karma is at 100% then you will have nothing to worry about.  Certain structures will be flagged as PvP and everything else will be PvE. So this means you can have your house, and as long as you lock it, and your karma is at 100% then the enemy can be attacking and your house along with the goods inside it will be safe. You will also not be attackable in the wild. So while you are traveling you won’t have to worry about randomly being killed by a player, dino’s of course are still a danger. This will allow the PvE player to live in relative peace from other players.

Ok, so you said I can’t randomly attack all players or certain structures what am I suppose to do? 

There are two parts to this. Firstly, and player that does not have 100% karma is fair game. Now if you are 100% and you attack someone at say 90% of the time you will be flagged for starting a fight and will lose karma. So now you have 75% and they have 90%. Both of you will experience damage reductions based on the current karma percentage. If you manage to kill that person then you will lose even more karma. Aside from just the players this also means other items. While the player’s house will always be undamagable. you may try and attack their door to break in. Now you will lose karma for doing so, and also for rummaging through their house as well. The second part of fighting is the territory kingdom fighting.

What is the territory Kingdom fighting?

In Survival Plus we want to introduce a new reason for fighting. More than just random killing just because. So as part of the kingdoms there will be territories. The town hall will represent a covered area as well as territory outpost. These territory outpost will assign governance over an area. Why is this important? Well when a territory is controlled by a ruler the leader will be able to set the tax rate for all sales. So the more territory you or your kingdom leader has the more wealth they have. These towers are PvP enabled 24/7 and will be designed to defend themselves against any incoming damage, and via menu to attack wild predators.


In the scenario above you can see that Kingdom B is moving to attack Kingdom A while Kingdom A is focusing all their forces one another tower. These towers can and most likely will change hands on a regular basis. This is what we hope keeps the players eager to fight busy. Along with these towers players will be able to attack the village walls, any auto defensive mechanisms, castles, scaffolding, town halls, and possible more.