About Survival Plus

SurvivalPlus is a mod that aims to give players a whole new take on ARK. Experience a more immersive Survival Feeling than ever before as you brave a new and more dangerous world on your journey from the Stone Age into the Medieval Times. From the first steps in this Total Conversion you will find that this is nothing like  vanilla ARK – it feels like a whole new game!

Dinosaurs & Taming

For the most part taming does not work like in vanilla ARK. The default method of knocking a creature K.O. and then feeding it is no longer available, instead all creatures are either tamed by passive methods or by stealing eggs. Mammals generally use the passive or bait method while dinosaurs can be hatched from eggs found in nests and claimed. Some creatures also use our custom multi-phase taming, you can find more info about it here: Multi Phase Taming

Only a very restricted list of creatures is available for taming, and some of the tameable creatures cannot be ridden. This ensures a certain survival challenge remains even in higher levels.

Engrams & Professions

Progression in Survival Plus can be split in two parts – the primitive era and the middle ages. In the primitive era, which covers the first 30 levels, the players use engrams like in the vanilla game. There are enough engram points to learn about 3/4 of all available engrams, so choose wisely.

After level 30 players can choose one or more professions, depending on the server settings. By default each player can only learn one profession. Profession engrams can only be chosen in the journal which makes sure that all configured restrictions are applied. Each profession enables a lot of craft-able items for the player at once and each profession has a special worktable that can be used as a starting point to explore all further options.

It is important to note that professions rely on each other for both resources and crafting stations.

Survival Mechanics

Players have to combat exhaustion, nutrient deficiencies and wounds. Exhaustion increases slowly over time and can be held at bay with caffeine from coffee and tea, or reduced by sleeping on beds. Wounds can be treated with a variety of items ranging from bandages to salves in different tiers. Nutrients are contained in all food items and processing them into meals increases their efficiency and provides XP buffs.